Hiking Old Military Trail

You might recall in an earlier post that I mentioned St. Kitts used to be split between the French and English, with the French basically sandwiching in the English. The Old Military Trail, used in the 1600s by the British to get from one side of the island to the other, still exists today. On Sunday, 30+ of us from The Hike Club, decided to hike the 6+ miles and get a little taste of history.

Map from www..worldstatesman.org

Many people do the trek from Old Road to Phillips Village, even cutting some of the hike off by driving up to the mountain, but this is The Hiking Club. No cheating! We went the opposite way.


Once again, we began in fields of veggies backdropped by the mountains.

The scarecrows were interesting. I don't know if the one with the monkey had its intended effect on the critters, but it was enough to keep me out. {Yes, it's rather gruesome, but remember, farmer's see monkeys as pests here; it's a different mindset).


The hike wasn't overly difficult and was shady more than it wasn't, but there were definitely some slippery sections, most giving you rope assistance. Even with all our stops to wait for people to catch up or to rest a bit, it took about 3 1/2 hours. One person's phone app clocked us in at 4 1/2 miles, my GPS watch said 7.16 miles, and our fearless leader David's phone app came in at about 6.6 miles (as it has in the past)), so he wins. That's one way, so if you want to do this hike, the best way to go about it is organizing rides on either end. 

Come on the virtual hike with us.

Do you suppose this goes back to the 1600s?

There were definitely spots where it was unclear which direction to go, particularly at the beginning, but where it got really tricky within the rainforest, someone had put up orange paint or ribbons. There were still moments of - Where the heck did the trail go? - so it was nice to be with a few people who'd done the trail before. Take note that there other trails that veer off of this one, so you might see orange markers, but they could be leading you on a hike other than the one you planned. If you want to hike Old Military Trail, I highly recommend you hook up with a friend or group who's already hiked it before or with a tour operator who specializes in rainforest tours/hikes.

If the hike itself wasn't beautiful enough, we came out at the Wingfield Estate.

Once everyone got to that point, there were many grumblings about whether we were close to a bar. Bar come soon.

Last up - the bus ride back. A little soca seat dancing never hurt anybody.


Another great hike guys! Come with us next time!