Did Someone Say Dessert?

If you've never tried gelato, then you have to visit newly opened Ti Amo. Whatever you do though, don't call it ice cream. There's a difference!


Bindu "Auntie" Alwani likes to experiment with food. Not long ago, her family had to hold an intervention when the neighbors were subsisting on Bindu's cooking and the grocery bill threatened to dwarf that of a cruise ship's. They decided she needed to turn her addiction, I mean hobby, into a business, so with assistance from daughter Pooja (and their Italian mentor, Paulo), Ti Amo was born. 

While the focus is on gelato, the menu includes many items, all of which are made in small batches so that everything is always fresh.

Before dessert, I tried their eggplant baguette sandwich. Baked goods are made fresh every day and are usually gluten-free because that's the way Auntie likes it. She doesn't use any oil, and I certainly didn't notice anything missing from the flavor. There are a couple of vegan & vegetarian options, the spinach & artichoke wrap being the most popular. I'll try that next time.

Eggplant sandwich (fresh, gluten-free bread); Part of that sandwich is eaten, I couldn't wait.

How many of you, like me, pick a favorite and then never deviate? Auntie is not going to allow that at Ti Amo. Because she wants you to try different flavors, she has implemented a system: once a flavor is gone (usually within hours), it gets replaced by something else. So the milk chocolate will get replaced by dark chocolate which will then get replaced by white chocolate; the tiramisu might switch to cookies & cream (a favorite). Don't worry, your favorite will come back up in rotation, but by then you might have a new favorite!

One thing that makes gelato less fattening than ice cream is the fact that it uses very little dairy. While there is a smidge of milk or cream in the various offerings, Ti Amo uses soy as its gelato base.

When I left Ti Amo, after hugs despite only just meeting them for the first time, I ran a few miles for the Rotary Club of Liamuiga's Health Fair & Walk. Afterwards, I brought back a friend who found a saying on the wall just for her.

I drank a refreshing Thai Ice Coffee, and others around me were enjoying various iced teas (like one with lemon grass).

And then I had to decide on a gelato flavor. 

I had a choice of fruity flavors like pineapple, lemon, or tangerine sorbets and also creamier options like hazelnut. What did I go with? Chocolate. Sorry, I'll be braver next time.

Gelato is all about the ingredients used and the machine that turns those ingredients into an edible masterpiece. Ti Amo uses the best of the best of both.

While they may be the new kids on the block and rather tucked in, there was a steady stream of people coming in during my visit. When asked, many of them were repeat customers already.

Ti Amo is located in Port Zante (by the cruise ship terminal in Basseterre), around the building from IC Jewelers and across from the taxi stand. They're open Mon-Sat from 9am to 6pm. If you want them to make you a mousse cake or some parfaits or any other goodies, give them a call at 869-466-5853.



Pooja and Bindu invited me and fed me as an advance thank you for this write-up,  but my enjoyment was all my own.