Another Newbie: Creole Restaurant & Bar

A new restaurant has opened up in the Sugar's Complex, as you head to/from Frigate Bay. This location is a tough one as it's not right on a beach or located within a resort, but if you're coming from Basseterre or the airport on your way to Frigate Bay or the Southeast Peninsula, you're passing it, so it wouldn't hurt to take a tiny detour and see what this latest culinary venture has to offer. The restaurant is not without its own ambiance, painted with cheerful colors and murals, with a view of Frigate Bay and a constant breeze that flows through (which is more than I can say about my sweltering apartment).

The restaurant opened on Wednesday (22 June), so I decided to see how the grand opening went the night before. Soft-spoken but friendly Delvin Nias is the owner and has high hopes for Creole. When I asked him what brought him to the tough business of restaurant ownership, without hesitation he said "blood, sweat, and tears."

Delvin is someone you can't help but root for: a young Kittitian with a dream who worked his tail off in various restaurants, learning the skills and nuances of the business, steadily moving up the ladder until he felt he was ready to make the leap and go out on his own. He's excited to show everyone what he can do, and he's open from 11am to 11pm Mon-Sat to give you plenty of time to stop in.

So how exactly is he going to separate himself from the pack, I asked. His plan, aside from serving delicious, fresh local fish, veggies, meat, and salads, is to keep shaking things up so there's always something different going on. He'll have daily lunch & dinner specials, soups of the day, pasta Tuesdays, Fish Fry Fridays, buffets, cultural nights where you get to taste foods from other cultures, and entertainment that just might include appearances by carnival clowns & masqueraders. Fridays will bring Happy Hour from 6 until 7pm. You'll get 3 local brewery-branded beers (Carib, Stag, Mackeson, Skol, or Guinness) for EC$10 or 1/2 price off cocktails. Sounds like fun!

While I was there, Delvin was generous enough to feed me a homemade, mushroom-based veggie burger; he makes the patties himself. Most restaurants here (and elsewhere) use Morningstar burgers, which is okay taste-wise, but why go out for that when you can whip one out of your freezer? Homemade is better, especially when that "home" is someone else's.


I ate the whole thing. I could have gotten salad on the side instead, but where's the fun in that? I liked the plantain potato-like chips too.

Others that came the first night said that what they ordered and devoured was a spicier version of many similar menus (spicier not necessarily hotter), so if you're looking to add a little spice to your life, this may be one way to do that.

Keep an eye on Creole's Facebook page, if you're on that social media site, to keep track of his latest offerings. You can also get more info on his St. Kitts Happens listing or from our calendar. If you find some of your favorite places closed this summer, give Creole a try - it just might become your new favorite.

Good luck, Delvin!