Blazing Our Own Trail

While driving the other day, I noticed a huge sign for a Heart-of-Fitness trail. Trail?! I'm in. If you've seen it, you may have wondered about it too. While trying to find out about it, I basically found the same press release and didn't really get a lot of info. There's a (political) video too, also not all that informative about the trail itself. The idea is to promote health & fitness and the motto is "Do the 7-7," which is 7 miles every 7 days. Ok, so maybe the trail is 7 miles. Let's see.



Well, if it's there, it's cleverly hidden. We went from sign to sign, about a mile apart, and found absolutely no evidence of where we were supposed to be walking.

We wandered through sugar cane fields, along the street, and even on the railroad tracks - no sign of an official trail.

Once amongst the farm lands, we realized we were hungry. There were tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, seasoned peppers, watermelons, papaya, herbs, lettuce - did someone say lunch?! 

We also realized that we were probably on private lands for awhile there (oops! I promise we didn't take anything) and kept our fingers crossed no menacing dogs showed up to call us out on our trespassing. Our personal hash took us through colorful neighborhoods, most with laundry outside blowing in the wind, past a concrete business that had some nice stuff, a plant nursery, and evidence of past hydroponic efforts. 

This is why I like to just walk around sometimes. You never know what you'll find, and there's so much you don't see when you're in a car. 

If we were aiming for 7 miles this week, we got 2 1/2 miles out of the way this morning. Trail or not, we rose to the fitness challenge, so I guess that makes it a success.

If anyone out there knows what we did wrong, give me a shout out - if the challenge is figurative then why call it a trail?