This post is going to sound like a sponsored post, but it's just me excited that I've found a place to get "real" baguettes. Anyone who's read A Sail of Two Idiots or who just knows me knows that I have a weakness for baguettes. St. Martin is worth a trip to get some, but Les Saintes, south of Guadeloupe, has won my heart when it comes to that torpedo of breads. Will St. Kitts make the top 3?

I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the bread I'm about to scarf down or the Mini Cooper behind me.

I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the bread I'm about to scarf down or the Mini Cooper behind me.

First people ruined soft pretzels by making them sweet. I'm from New York where you get nice, big roasted street pretzels covered in rock salt. Mmmm mmmmm. If you want something sweet, get a muffin. Then I came to the islands and realized that something was wrong with their version of baguettes. They were too soft and they were...sweet. Hrmph. So when I overheard someone at The Dock talking about getting "authentic" baguettes and croissants close-by, I had to the seek out the source of those delicious-sounding morsels post-haste.

It turns out that three weeks ago, Mill (not Hill as some people are reading it) snuck in and opened over by the Ocean's Edge office, right before you head up Timothy Hill to go toward the Southeast Peninsula. The place is designed out of shipping containers - just like the ones I want to build my house with someday. The interior is interesting with Russian newspapers plastered on some of the walls. It turns out that one of my favorite foods is brought to us by Kittitian chefs and Russian owners. Works for me!



Once inside, I was greeted warmly by Sonia and Julian, who took me around and showed me what they're up to. They've got coffee roasted in Antigua and brought over the day after, free-range, organic chicken salads/sandwiches, healthy sides, bread with a sourdough base (no packet yeast), scones, muffins, and jams made locally from local fruits & honey, 

Considering they're not online (until now, here), have no phone yet, and just sort of popped up, they were doing a pretty brisk business.


As soon as I got home, I decided to hold a small ceremony to celebrate my find. Delicious bread, sweet tea, and a view. Perfect. Cheers! Or should I say, Bon appetit!